My Fab Fam FAQ


How long will it take for my item to get delivered?

 Depending on the level of customization of your ordered gear, the time it takes to get to you will vary. You will get your item within 10-20 business days of ordering. Most items however will ship much faster than that


NOTICE: Our store has products that are produced and shipped from different locations. If you order more than one item from us then most likely the items will arrive in separate packages. They will also sometimes arrive on different days. The delivery time of your product is stated on the sales page. Just remember that it is normal for your order to arrive in separate packages.


How can I track my order?

When you order with My Fab Fam you are emailed out a unique order ID. You can look up your order any time here: If you don't have the order ID you can also alternatively look up your order by email on that page.


I see multiple charges on my card, how do I get one removed?

In the rare event that a card receives a double charge for an item please contact support and they will issue a refund for it immediately. Support is best reached at


The quality of printing on the item I ordered is not good. How can I get it reprinted?

We apologize that the quality of your purchase is not satisfactory and want to make it right. The quality control process our production partner uses is of a very high standard so that this happens very infrequently, if ever. But we certainly understand that it's possible for something to slip through QA and get delivered to our customers. We want you to be happy with your purchase so please provide your order details (or a copy of the order confirmation email you received from us) and a photo of the product with the problem area(s) clearly pictured. We'll review it with the production partner and get a proper replacement to you as quickly as possible.


We accidentally ordered the wrong size garment -- how can we change it?

If the item hasn't been made yet, we can change the size of it still for you. If it's already on the way to you, then it's a bit tough because it's already been made. Please contact support and they will do their best to get the size changed for you if it's earlyl enough in the production process. If the garment has already been produced and/or shipped, it is not possible to accomodate changing size. We realize that most people notice sizing errors right after they order and we can get it switched for them pretty easily at that point. Send us an email and we'll let you know. Please understand that you are ultimately responsible for the size you order and that each item is produced specifically to YOUR specification. We cannot issue a refund for a well-produced item, made to your requirements if you determine that the only error was ordering an incorrect size. If you find yourself in this situation, please let us know and let us try to get you a very fair discount so that you can reorder the item in the correct size.

We received a customized item with the name spelled incorrectly -- how do we get it fixed?

Oh no! That's not a good thing, to be sure. Please send an email to with all the order details you can find or simply copy the email you received upon ordering. We'll need a photo of the item with the misspelling clearly visible so that we can compare to the order and work with the production partner to determine what happened. If we misspelled the name -- again -- our apologies and we'll work quickly to get a replacement to you ASAP. Unfortunately, if the error was not ours, i.e., you accidentally misspelled the name when ordering, we cannot refund or replace the item free of charge. If this is the circumstance, please email us at and we'll work to get you a fair discount so the item can be reordered with the correct customization.


The mug I received was broken, how can I get a new one?

Unfortunately, from time to time, mugs do get broken in transit and if that has happened to you, please accept our apologies. They are ceramic and if someone doesn't take good care of the package it can be broken. We have no problem sending you out one as a replacement if this happens. Please just send us a photo with the broken mug and your order details to and we'll get you a new one out!